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I Bei Bambini (the beautiful children)

This children’s dance group – blessed with over  40 beautiful children – celebrates Italian folk dancing, costumes, culture and music.  They dance Italian, sing Italian and are beginning to speak Italian, and they absolutely love to perform.  They touch hearts with dances such as Bal de Truc, La Raspa, Tarantella dei Bambini and Il Trescone and with tender songs such as Carissimo Pinocchio, Mamma Tutto & Brilla Brilla la Stellina.

These children are our future, in its purest form.  They are smart, talented and full of enthusiasm.  If we don’t pass to them everything we know and hold dear to us, we risk an end to one of the most beautiful, colorful cultures in the world – la cultura italiana.  If we don’t keep this legacy alive together, a little bit will die with each generation, until we are left one day with only a faint memory of something that was once magnificent.  With I Bei Bambini, we ensure the survival of our heritage by passing on to them our most cherished traditions through music and dance – this has resulted in something beautiful.